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IHA Minnesota was founded with a vision to transform housing in Central Minnesota, making it more equitable and inclusive. We believe that everyone, regardless of their background, deserves a safe, affordable, and culturally affirming home.

Historically, housing policies have marginalized communities, especially Indigenous people, Black Minnesotans, and households of color. At IHA, we acknowledge these injustices and are committed to righting these wrongs by focusing on diversity, equity, and inclusion in all our efforts.

Our approach is deeply rooted in community involvement. We actively engage with local organizations, residents, and stakeholders to co-create housing solutions that reflect the unique needs of Central Minnesota. This ensures our strategies are inclusive, culturally sensitive, and effective.

To embed equity in our operations, we’ve established the role of Director of Equity and Inclusion. This executive position ensures that all our decisions, programs, and partnerships are viewed through an equity lens, driving our mission forward with integrity and accountability.

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